The adventures of Mr Bojangles #2 - Cats don't eat barbeque!

It was a lovely sunny day, so Vicky, her husband Alex, her big boy Jake and her little girl Lottie decided to have a barbeque in their garden.

They were just getting it started when who do you think came creeping through the hedge? It was Mr Bojangles!

"Hello Bo," said Lottie, "do you want to play?"Mr Bojangles sniffed the air with his little pink nose and licked his lips.

"I think you want some barbeque, don't you Mr Bojangles?" Vicky said.

Mr Bojangles began to purr loudly. "I'm sorry Bo. Cats don't eat barbeque."

But Mr Bojangles thought cats could. So he went over to a plate of sausages and began to dribble on them! "No!Mr Bojangles!" Said Vicky "cats do not eat barbeque. They do not eat sausages and they certainly do not eat veggie sausages!"  Vicky was right. Cats do not eat veggie sausages. Mr Bojangles spat the sausage out. Yuck!

"Oh, Bo," Vicky said, "I'm going to have to put them in the bin now. I can't eat cat dribble veggie sausages!"

Vicky went inside and put the cat dribble veggie sausages in the bin.

Mr Bojangles lay down on the grass. Alex was cooking his chicken on the barbeque. Mr Bojangles sniffed the air with his little pink nose.

"No Mr Bojangles!" Alex said, "this is not for you. Go and chase some bunnies."

But then Mr Bojangles did a VERY cheeky thing!

While Alex wasn't looking,Mr Bojangles sneaked over to the barbeque and grabbed the chicken with his sharp pussycat teeth!

"No Bo!" Cried Alex but it was too late. Mr Bojangles was already running down the garden carrying the chicken in his mouth!

"I think cats do eat barbeque after all," laughed Vicky.

"Especially if they are Mr Bojangles, he really is a very cheeky cat!"

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