The adventures of Mr Bojangles #1

Cheeky Bojangles

Vicky was fast asleep in bed when she heard a pitter patter of paws and felt a massive thump on the bed.

"Oh no, Mr Bojangles! It's still night time it's not time for breakfast!" Bo started to purr loudly and put his big fluffy paw on her nose!  

"Mr Bojangles! Your paws smell of very smelly cheese! Yuck!"Vicky got up and went downstairs. Mr Bojangles followed her.

"You have cat biscuits in your bowl? What do you want?" Vicky opened the door

"Do you need a wee?"Bo didn't want to go out either.

So Vicky went back to bed .

She was just going to sleep when she felt the thump on the bed and heard the purring, "go to sleep Mr Bojangles!"But Bo didn't want to sleep he wanted to play!

So he went to Vicky's little girl's room and scratched the door. Lottie woke up.  "Hello Bo!" 

Mr Bojangles started to jump around her room and play with her toys.

Then the alarm went off! It was the morning! Naughty Bojangles had kept everyone awake!

"You can get up now MrBojangles" Vicky said. But do you know what?  He had already gone back to bed and was fast asleep!

What a cheeky cat!

Can you draw/paint/make a model ofMrBojangles? And/or let me know what he would do if he came to your house?

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