Whitchurch Pre-school Group was formed in 1962. After many years in the nursery classroom, by kind invitation of Whitchurch Primary School, the Pre-school opened its own premises in April 1998, within the school grounds. This was achieved with grants from the Lottery Charities Board, South Oxfordshire District Council, the Redfon Charitable Trust and the Lloyds/TSB Charitable Foundation. We also had enormous and generous support from the local community, which showed its deep commitment to the continuation of our Pre-school. We now have a purpose built Pre-school of our own with a lovely garden that we share with Class One (Reception/Foundation year).

Close Ties with Official Bodies

Whitchurch Pre-school Group functions under the patronage of Ofsted (Office of Standards in Education) through our Day Care Advisor.  We are registered under the Children Act 1989 and are inspected regularly by Ofsted.

We had a very successful Ofsted inspection in July 2009, achieving outstanding in all areas , and we are validated to provide free places for 3 and 4 year olds (funded by the Government) for up to 15 hours per week.

We are a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA; formerly the Pre-school Playgroups Association) which was the first organisation to publish stringent guidelines and curriculum advice for Pre-school groups.

Research shows that children learn better when their parents are involved and our adult/child ratio is high (usually 1:5).  The aim of the PLA is to help parents understand and provide for the needs of their children and to make the best use of their own knowledge and resources in the development of their children.   The PLA also runs courses for staff and parents.

Self  Funded

Whitchurch-on-Thames Pre-school Group is a registered charity - number 1027416.  We are a non-profit organisation and all your fees and fund raising efforts are ploughed back into the Pre-school Group.  We rely on fund raising for all our purchases so please support us in whatever way you can.