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We are very lucky to have a wonderful pre-school setting, in it's own building and on the grounds of the catchment Primary school.  In the current financial climate this is further exaggerated by many Pre-schools closing due to the increasing costs and unfilled places.  Although we are managing to cover our operating costs and have funds to cover the necessities laid out by the Pre-school Trustee's, we do not have extra funds to improve the setting, which would facilitate an enhanced learning experience for the children.  We therefore rely on our calendar of fundraising events to raise money to enable us to make these improvements.  We currently focus on 3 areas: children, staff and building replacement - which will be required in the next decade.  The community spirit created by these events for parents and children is also valuable and generates further focus on providing our children with the best educational start they, and we, could possibly hope for.  If you are able to offer any time, make donations or general ideas, we would love to hear them but until then we look forward to your support at the next event.

 The pre-school committee is made up by parent volunteers.