If you wish to register your child for a place in Whitchurch Pre-school, please fill in the registration form included in the pre-school prosepctus and send it with the registration fee of £25.00 to Whitchurch Pre-school Group. Upon receiving your registration, the registration officer will return a receipt of your payment

Whitchurch Pre-school Prospectus for Parents

Please make cheques payable to Whitchurch Pre-school Group

 Ad hoc sessions are available and make a difference to the pre-school. Just ask a member of staff at least a day before if you’d like your child to be booked in.






If you wish to visit Whitchurch Pre-school, please call for an appointment. We would be very happy to schedule an appointment for you










Sessions by Age Group

Session            Time                     Admission

Morning           08:45 to 11:45      Commence in the term the child reaches 2 years 6 months
                         Mon to Fri

Lunch Club      11:45 to 12:15      All Children Welcome

Afternoon         12:15 to 15:15      Commence in the term the child reaches 2 years 6 months

All Day             08:45 to 15:15      After reaching 3 years of age

Snacks and meals

We make snacks and lunchtime a social time at which children and adults eat together. Please provide a healthy snack for your child for each session they attend. If your child is staying for lunchtime you will need to provide a packed lunch in a named lunchbox with an icepack. Please also ensure your child has a named water bottle for each session he/she attends.

 Late Collection policy: 

Should you collect your child more than 10 minutes late, you will be charged £1 for every minute you are late in excess of the 10 minute ‘grace period’;  i.e. 16 minutes late - £6 penalty, 24 minutes late £14.  The time will be determined by the clock on the pre-school iPad or staff member’s smart phone both of which are set automatically to GMT.  Any parent collecting their child late will be asked by a member of staff to sign the late book and the penalty will be invoiced to them directly at the end of the term.   

 Plan of our activities that we offer at pre-school:

Monday am Craft activities

Monday pm Rising fives


Tuesday am Music & Movement

Tuesday pm Cooking


Wednesday am Musical Instruments

Wednesday pm Ring Games


Thursday am French

Thursday pm PE session


Friday am Walk in surrounding areas



Each Thursday we have a half hour French session where your child has the chance to  learn some basic French. These sessions are run by Geraldine, who is experienced in Early Years and provides French sessions at another local preschool  her session includes  lots of fun games and songs.   Each week Geraldine produces an activity outlining what was included in the session that your child will complete, and take home.



Each Thursday afternoon we use the Primary School hall for a PE session.  Your child is given the opportunity to enhance their physical development along with gaining some independence through changing into their PE kit. Could you please supply your child with a pair of shorts and T-shirt in an appropriate “kit” bag (drawstring ones are ideal).  This should be hung on their coat pegs.